How to open a franchise ice cream shop

The experience and the the will to spread gelato's culture lead us to the idea of Old Bridge franchise.

In order to open an Old Bridge store you simply need to become an ice-cream maker. We will assist you during your training, sharing our tricks and secrets. You will work with the ingredients and machines we use to produce our gelato.

Entering the Old Bridge franchise you will learn the artisanal wisdom behind a perfect ice-cream and all the know-how to properly setup your shop and welcome your guests. We will advise you on the best location, on the workspace design and on choosing the best ingredients.
Location is one of the most important keys for the success of an ice-cream store. The franchise project will help you choosing the best area for your gelato shop. We choose mostly main cities in Italy and in the world, in higly touristic areas, like downtown or shopping malls.

If you want to join the program you just have to get the paperwork for a new store started. We will take care of everything else, giving you goods and machines from the best Italian manufactures

1) First contact
2) Meeting and feasibility study
3 Location value
4) Cost estimates
5) Signing
6) Workspace design
7) Training
8) Online Old Bridge products order and 24-hours Assistance
9) New Store opening
10) Promotion of the new store on our website and social media channels

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